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The Family of Kenneth and Lois Rice
August 22, 2022

I am eternally grateful for the kindness and thoughtfulness that your staff has shown to not only myself but my family during the Memorial of my father in November of 2019 and just recently my Mother last week and today. I will never forget it.

- Pam Erskine

The Family of Charles Chamberlain
March 27, 2020

Dear Deisler Funeral Home,

Several years ago friends told us about the positive and helpful experience they had pre-planning their burial with Deisler Funeral Home,. Since we would be having an out of state burial and had no idea how that was done we decided to contact Deisler Funeral Home based on the recommendations of our friends. We were not disappointed. Gretchen Newman was everything you would like to see in someone helping you plan burial. Knowledgeable, friendly, kind, but not pushy or overbearing. She was very helpful in finding a funeral home in bountiful Utah that would take care of the actual funeral and burial. Something we never would have been able to do on our own.

Two years later when my husband died Gretchen was again very helpful in bringing all the plans that we had made come together without any problems. When it became known that there would not be enough money in our burial fund to cover all the expenses Gretchen helped us select a casket at a lesser price which freed up enough money to cover all burial expenses. Not having to worry about the cost was such a blessing along with previously selecting and deciding on all the particulars. If an one were to ask me about my husband's death I would say that having Deisler Funeral Home available to take care of all the arrangements made a difficult time seem not quite so difficult.

First, if any one is facing death, and we all are, I recommend they pre-plan and pre-pay their burial expenses. Second, if you are wondering who you should contact to do this service I can totally recommend Deisler Funeral home and their dedicated staff. Looking back on all that went on during the time of my husband's death having Deisler to take care of everything was very comforting. I don't know how we would have survived without them.

-Thank you, Joanne Chamberlain

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The Family of David Palmateer
June 01, 2019

What an amazing team at Deisler's! Jenny helped us celebrate my dad's life, and was especially great with my mom. There's no one else I'd use! Thank you!!

-Josh Palmateer

The Family of Marshall Matthes
June 20, 2019

Thank you for the excellent services you provided for Uncle Marsh. Everything went well and we appreciate your facility and staff.

-Sincerely, Lee and Christine Teschendorf

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Cindy Lutz
July 11, 2017

I, once again, am so very grateful to Deisler’s for being there to help myself and my sister during this difficult time. A task that seemed so difficult was made so easy by Jason. He took control of our situation and in one day the matter was resolved. I cannot thank him enough for his love, concern and total professionalism. Thank you also to Amanda for her help designing the most perfect headstone! It is absolutely amazing!

-Sincerely, Cindy Lutz & Gloria Rueber

The Family of Rachel Schafer
September 8th, 2018

Can’t say enough good things about Deisler Funeral Home. Mom past away on Labor Day weekend, but Jenny was there on Sunday to help plan the funeral. Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate with no attempt to “oversell”. Great suggestions to make the funeral fit the needs of the family. Additionally, since Mom had purchased her casket some time ago in Florida, Jenny worked diligently over the holiday to get the casket here in time for the funeral. It arrived at 8am....the visitation began at 10am! Thank you all so much!

-Dan Schafer

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The Family of Arlene A. Agnew
June 24, 2013

Amanda, Thank you for helping us get through everything last week. We appreciate everything you did for us!

Doug Larsen, Jr.
June 19, 2013

Jason, I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you did in guiding us through the difficult process of arranging our mother's funeral service. Your compassion, sensitivity and good-natured personality put us at ease and allowed us to have confidence that our mother's funeral was in good hands and that it would be special - and it truly was! Please extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Deisler and the rest of the staff at Deisler Funeral Home.

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The Family of Duane A. Greenwald
May 13, 2018

Deisler Funeral Home has been a familiar place to our family for a couple of generations of life celebrations. On the evening my father passed away, a quick decision needed to be made as to who we could entrust with the details of his funeral and Deisler's felt like a natural choice. We met with Funeral Director Jason Wright the next day and were immediately put at ease with his caring, patient and kind demeanor. After a few hours, every detail was carefully planned and arranged by Jason with us only needing to make decisions that would best honor my father. His guidance and heartfelt advice meant everything to my mother as she was facing unfamiliar situations with regard to the funeral process and related financial matters. Not only did we have a beautifully arranged service with military honors at burial, but also a clear path as to what steps were needed to move forward. The detailed planning and care provided to our family by Jason and Administrative Assistant Pari Sitarski went beyond our expectations. To Mr. Deisler and all the employees, thank you for providing our family and friends with a comfortable, warm and welcoming environment to celebrate and honor my father. All of you helped provide us with a peaceful sense of closure as we said goodbye to my father and for that we are forever grateful.

-Sincerely, Kathy Luoma, on behalf of my mother Mary Greenwald, and brother Barry Greenwald

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Connie Gnotek
July 18, 2012

For more than 70 years our family has chosen Deisler Funeral Home to remember and celebrate the lives of our beloved family and friends. Since I was very young, I remember attending funeral services at their location on Federal and over the years have become pleased with their services. As I have gotten older, I have often been put at the lead of planning these services for my parents, siblings and extended family. Every time I call or enter Deisler Funeral Home I am immediately put at ease and reassured that they have everything covered. Their staff is always professional, while also being sensitive and caring to the needs of our family in the time of a loss. Jenny is often one of the first people I call after a loved one passes and she always gives me comfort and an open ear and arms as a friend, not just as an employee. Whether I am calling for pre-planning arrangements or experiencing a sudden loss, they are always available, helpful and knowledgeable to provide us with a personalized service that fits our family's needs.

They care for and respect life, both eternal and those that are suffering a loss. In our most recent loss this past January, Jason and Jenny provided our family with comfort and support during the death of my brother. When they were called, they dropped everything and met with us and talked with us for hours to develop a service and plan that fit the wishes of my brother and the entire family. They even found his favorite song "take me out to the ballgame" to play as service ended and let his best friend, Buck (his dog) come to say goodbye. For their personalized care, attention to detail and caring spirit I highly recommend Deisler Funeral Home to all of my friends and family in their time of loss.

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Linda Blank
July 10, 2012

On Thursday, July 21st. 2011, my family and I were sitting in my husband's Hospice room with the words we just heard being told to us. What we were told was the most traumatizing words I ever wanted to hear. "Jerry only has a little longer to live." What disbelief fell over our faces! I was asked if I had a funeral home to call, and all I could do is say, "NO!" My sister and I went back in Jerry's room and started scanning the phone book for funeral homes. I was mortified! How was I going to make it without Jerry? My sister had her speaker phone on so I could give her answers to their questions. She called one of the funeral homes in Saginaw. When I heard the man talking to her with no sympathy or cares at all, I just shook my head no! Next, she called Deisler Funeral Home. The Funeral Director that answered the phone sounded too good to be true! (What a difference). He told my sister his name, Jason Wright. Jason sounded so kind, caring and compassionate as he answered her questions fully. She looked over at me for an answer and I said, "For sure!" He then wanted to speak to me, I was scared at first, and she said, "He needs to talk to you, “Well, it turned out to be so easy to talk to Jason. He was just phenomenal! He told me Cartwright would call him, when it was time.

The next morning at 10:00, the most devastating thing happened, Jerry died. The nurse called Deisler Funeral Home right away, and within a short time I saw this tall young handsome gentleman coming toward me. I thought no way, this couldn't be Jason. Any other funerals I've attended have always had older grouchy men as funeral directors. Jason explained everything that he was going to do in such a loving caring way, and said he was sorry. That afternoon, my children, grandchildren and myself went to the funeral home to plan Jerry's funeral. We were met at the door with the most welcoming smile! It made my heart feel so safe, and my family felt the love too! The funeral home was beautiful as well as everybody that worked there! We were treated with the utmost respect, love and kindness! Which, I will NEVER forget. I was told to call if I need anything. Not too many places would tell you that.

The whole ordeal of doing the paper work, planning the service, picking out a Urn and explaining about the caskets was done so professional, with love, concern and kindness. I refer everybody I know to Deisler Funeral Home and will continue! Thank-you to: Jason A. Wright, Jennifer Rauschert, Pari Sitarski, Thomas Deisler; and Don Rigda! Love to you all, for the wonderful services you do. I respect and appreciate everyone of you!

Linda Blank

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Cindy Becker Van Zandt
June 10, 2013

On behalf of my Mother and my family I would like to thank Deisler's Funeral Home for their care and kindness. Jason an Chris came to tend to my Dad and to meet with us almost immediately after they were called. They were both so kind and answered all of our questions. The service was beautiful and Jason made everything come together so easily. He showed us love and respect. I am very grateful to Deisler's for being there for my family. Thank you,

Cindy Becker Van Zandt

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Brooke Parasiliti
July 10, 2012

On July 22, 2012 will be exactly a year ago that I lost my grandpa Jerry. The same guy I spent most of my summers with while growing up, the same guy who took me everyday to get a slurpee and a Carmel apple lollipop, the same guy that meant the world to me and the rest of my family. He was such a great guy! It was hard to hear he had cancer but even harder to find out he passed away. To this day our family does not want to accept he is gone physically nor does a day go by that he is not on our minds. The only ease that we have is that the funeral home directors have become apart of our family. Thinking it was the worst time in life to meet someone and how could that person take my grandpa away forever turned into something more special. I hear everyday how special Jason, Pari, and Jenny are to my grandma Linda and I appreciate it more than words could ever say. They are amazing people with such kind hearts. They were there for my family from day one and have not left my grandma's side since. For everything you have done since the beautiful funeral you honored my grandpa to uplifting my grandmas heart, I would like to thank you! Thank you for everything you have rejoiced my family with. We appreciate you and will never forget what you have done for this family.

​-Brooke Parasiliti